Ιn Nikiti and generally, on the Sithonia Peninsula there are several points which offer organised sites and facilities where you can practice your favourite hobby and maintain your fitness during your vacation.
Nikiti - Agios Nikolaos:
They are connected through a circular path of rare natural beauty which is impressive. You can also visit the chapel of Prophet Elias for a break.
Porto Koufo - Mount Kapros: You will admire the view of the coast and the forest. The path is characterized as an easy one, following animal trails.
The tour of Sykia:  The view you will find if you follow this path in the hills above the village will enchant you. You will need 4 hours to complete this tour. Some areas of this route require attention, but generally, is an easy route without unpleasant surprises. You will use animal trails and paths which were created in previous ages.
Sea Kayak:
Many parts of the area are ideal for kayaking as they are a unique combination of sea with characteristics of a lake. There are also organized, day trips that give you the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful, hiddden beaches in the area.
Halkidiki and its crystal clear waters are ideal for diving. You have the opportunity to live this unique experience which is offered by organized diving centers.
You can enjoy most of the beauty of underwater Sithonia by snorkeling, using professional equipment under the guidance of professionals.Visit underwater tunnels and caves, observe the aquatic life or the birds and seagulls you will see on the surface.
Organized fishing trips on the Sithonia Peninsula provide an unforgettable fishing experience. This unique fishing experience is ideal for enjoying the beauty of Halkidiki by the sea.
Boat Rental:
For those who want to come into direct contact with the sea and discover secluded beaches, renting a fully equipped boat should be one of their options.
The old settlement in Nikiti is over 700 years old. Walking on narrow paved, small streets of the village, you can admire the beautiful, restored, stone houses. It's definitely one of the things you should not miss if you are in Nikiti.
The church of Agios Nikitas, built in the second half of the 19th century, towering over the old village. It has a Basilica structure, decorated with pictures of particular historical value and it is the historical landmark for the inhabitants of the village. It is one of the most important historical buildings in the area and well worth a visit. Next to it is the Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti.
Archaeological sites:
Sofronios Basilica, the main church of the settlement was discovered after the excavation begun in 1981 near the beach of Nikiti. It is dated from the first half of the 5th century AD and this makes it one of the oldest paleochristian churches discovered in Macedonia area. It was a relatively big, three-aisled church about 48m long with wooden roof. Modern archaeologists call it “Sofronios Basilica” after Sofronios, a bishop of the era whose name was found written on a stone inscription that was discovered near the church ruins.